The Jungle Book Protesters

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Last night my husband and I saw The Jungle Book. I can’t say enough good things about the movie. I hope Neel Sethi (Mowgli) wins an Academy Award. Read more at The fact that I saw it in 3-D is a plus. I haven’t watched many cartoons with famous-star voices, but the ones I have didn’t impress me. However, in this movie I think Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, and Christopher Walken did fantastic jobs of enlivening their characters by inserting their own personalities.

The characters in this film are so realistic that some people are having trouble differentiating the animated creatures from real ones. Protesters have already started their rabble-rousing. (SPOILER ALERT!)

One group called for the immediate arrest of all members of the wolf pack for illegally harboring a minor. They also accused Bagheera of human trafficking for giving Mowgli to them.

In a letter to the editor of a prestigious newspaper, a reader penned a vehement letter decrying the bear’s forced employment of a child to procure honey. In a related incident, ecology advocates stormed a theater and screamed “Justice for Bees” and “Restore the Honeycombs.”

Tiger organizations banded together, threatening a character-defamation lawsuit related to the depiction of Shere Kahn as the villain, and growled while holding up signs.

In a major city on the West Coast, a swarm of evolutionists worked themselves into a frenzy as they denied Bagheera’s claim by chanting, “Elephants did not make the jungle.” During the riot, they broke into grocery stores and looted peanuts.

Even Mowgli wasn’t immune to criticism. His behavior with the “red flower” led to accusations of criminal mischief and arson. Tabloid headlines screamed “Reform School for Mowgli.”

But not all reactions were critical. Some were analytical, for example, the article in a magazine that represents the gold standard in business savvy. The author, a famous real-estate tycoon, asks “The King Louie-Mowgli Deal: What Went Wrong?”

Finally, probably the best indication of how real the animated creatures seem occurs in a journal article written by a zoologist who saw the movie. His conclusion is yes, monkeys really are as annoying as most people think they are.


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